Let's Make Candy Apples!

Fall School Year 2017

Pool Party Summer 2017

Spring 2017

Fall 2016

Mother Day 2016

2016 Activities

Community Involvement

  • Christian based Harvest Festival.
  • Annual Food Drive at Thanksgiving.
  • Visit a senior facility during the holidays.
  • Participate in the annual Carrot Festival parade with a float.
  • Teach community involvement through a theme of community workers.
  • Teach children to be careful with the environment God has blessed us with.


  • Harvest Festival
  • Christmas Party
  • Valentine Party
  • Easter Hunt and Party
  • Open House/Graduation

Field Trips

  • Pioneers Museum.
  • The Library.
  • A pizza place.
  • The park.
  • An all day trip to a zoo, theme park or museum.