Mission Statement


Noah's Ark has been established in this community to provide quality Christian care with "A SAFE PLACE TO GROW AND LEARN." The children will be allowed to explore and solve problems and participate in group activities. These activities will give the children an opportunity to develop social skills. Academic lesson plans will be geared to their age and maturity level. Spiritual guidance will be used as is appropriate for their age level. We will that children should have an opportunity to play (which is their work.) Children will have a balance between free choices of activities and teacher directed activities.

The "Sing, Spell, Read and Write" program is the center of our curriculum. We have, in addition, a weekly theme to introduce the children to science and community.

Statement of Faith in Jesus Christ

It is our belief that Jesus was sent as God's only son to save us from sin. Jesus is the only way of salvation. By accepting him as Savior and Lord of our lives we will live with him for eternity in a place called heaven. Sin separates us from the Father and Jesus is the healer of souls. He died on the cross, shedding his blood for us, was buried and rose again, ascended to heaven where he awaits the time the Father will send him again to receive those who have placed their faith in him.

State Licence #136608068

We are licensed by the state of California. All staff is qualified by state standards.

Staff Information

Christi Tanori - Director

Christi Tanori - Teacher

Gale Jones - Teacher

Lynne Ming - Teacher's Aide

Diana Casanova - Teacher's Aide